Public Policy and Global Affairs

Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Baines, Erin transitional justice; the politics of humanitarianism and forced displacement; and, the study of gender and armed conflict, with a regional focus on northern Uganda
Chan, Kai ecosystem services, sustainability science, conservation science, cultural ecosystem services, environmental values, conservation finance, environmental assessment, social-ecological systems, resilience, payments for ecosystem services, incentive programs
Chang, Stephanie Community vulnerability and resilience to natural disasters
Cheek, Timothy 20th century Chinese history, the history of the Chinese communist party, the role of intellectuals in public life in China
Cruz, Cesi political economy, focusing on the interplay between electoral incentives and development outcomes in consolidating democracies. Her research uses quantitative and qualitative methods, social network analysis, surveys, and field experiments
Dierkes, Julian public policy, digital diplomacy, policy communication, contemporary Japan, contemporary Mongolia, Japanese education, supplementary education, mining policy, democratization
Dowlatabadi, Hadi The systematic study of systems at the interface of humans, nature, technology and policy
Evans, Paul Asia, international affairs, political issues, security issues
Harris, Leila water politics, water governance, Environmental justice, gender and social difference, equity and social justice, participatory resource management, Turkey and Middle East, Africa , Ghana, South Africa
Job, Brian international relations of Asia Pacific countries, especially political/security matters; Canadian political/security interests and policies vis-a-vis Asia, International security, liu institute
Johnson, Mark Ecohydrology, Carbon cycle, Land use, Water and Sustainability, Biogeochemistry, Data Science
Kandlikar, Milind Climate Change, Air Pollution, Extended Producer Responsibility, Human Development, Agricultural Biotechnology, Information Technology in Developing Countries, Technology innovation, human development and global environment
Lahiri, Amartya Exchange rates and monetary policy, growth and development, international economics, macroeconomics, and development economics
Le Billon, Philippe Geography, politics, africa, environmental, human geography, development, security
Lynn, Hyung Gu South Korea, North Korea, Japan, politics, economics, popular culture, society, international relations, Korea and Japan, ranging in chronological coverage from the late-19th century to the present, and in subject matter from international relations to contemporary popular culture
Main, Jessica Buddhism, Ethics, and Human Rights; Modern Buddhist Institutions, Law, and Governance; Buddhists and Buddhist Institutions Active in Modern Society: Social Welfare; Healthcare and Healing; Protest Movements; Rehabilitation, Incarceration and Corrections; Youth Culture, Physical Culture, and Scouting; Modern Japanese Religions and Society; Japanese True Pure Land Buddhism
Oberg, Gunilla
Ostwald, Kai comparative politics; ethnic politics, public policy, and the politics of development
Owen, Taylor impact of digital technology on the practice of journalism; intersection between information technology and international affairs
Park, Kyung Ae Korean politics (North and South Korea); U.S.-Korean relations; Korean unification, North and South Korean Politics, US-Korea Relations, Gender and Development
Potter, Pitman Benjamin Chinese topics, humanitarian law, Chinese Law and Politics, International Law, Human Rights, Comparative Law, Globalization, law and society
Quayle, Moura Knowledge Exchange and Strategic Design
Ramana, M. V. nuclear energy, nuclear disarmament, arms control, nuclear policy, risk of nuclear accidents
Ramankutty, Navin Global food security, Sustainable agriculture, Climate impacts, Land use change
Satterfield, Theresa Sustainable development, environmental health, First Nation & land management, social and cultural consequences of contamination
Shakya, Tsering confluence of politics, ethno-national identity and religious practice in cultural production and social transformation across both historical and contemporary Tibet and the Himalayas; contemporary minority policy and social media in the PRC.
Shneiderman, Sara Himalayas, Nepal, Tibet, India, Nepal’s constitutional process, political and social change, ethnicity and religion, inequality and poverty, affirmative action, indigenous peoples
Spiegel, Jerry Global health, International health, environmental health, Cuba, Latin America, Effects of globalization on health, ecosystem approaches to human health, understanding and addressing influences of physical and social environments on health, global health and human security, the economic evaluation of interventions, and health and equity in Latin America
Tiberghien, Yves G20, global finance, globalization, global governance, climate change, GMOs, TPP, WTO negotiations, Chinese politics, Chinese economics, Japanese politics, Japanese economy, Fukushima crisis, Euro crisis, European Union, French politics, Korean politics, East Asian geopolitics, Japan-China relations, Taiwan, Diaoyudao-Senkaku, US-China relations, Comparative/international political economy in China, Japan and Korea
Vertinsky, Ilan Boris Forestry, international trade, natural resource economics, trade, forest policy, softwood lumber agrerement, cross-cultural management
Wittman, Hannah food sovereignty, sustainable agriculture, socio-ecological systems, agro-ecology
Zerriffi, Hisham energy poverty
Zhao, Jiaying Cognitive Science, Poverty, Sustainability, Behavior Change, Public Policy