Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture fosters designers of natural and urban terrains. The goal is to develop conscious designers with a consideration for natural phenomena. They use design with public responsibility to produce resilient and purposeful landscapes.


Faculty Members

Name Research Interests
Byrne, Fionn post conflict reconstruction abroad, resource development in remote sites within Canada, ethics in landscape architecture
Condon, Patrick Michael Sustainable urban design, landscape architecture, sustainable communities
Dahmen, Joseph technical methods and cultural effects of resource use at the scales of architecture and territory.
Girling, Cynthia Landscape and Restoration, People, Cities and Lands, Design and Planning of Space, Sustainable neighbourhood design, Vizualization and community engagement, Public realm design and planning
Herrington, Susan Children’s outdoor play environments, Playgrounds, Natural play environments, Risky play, Landscape architecture, Landscape architecture history, landscape theory, Comtemporary theory, globalization and contested theory, design and history of landscapes
Kellett, Ronald Environmental quality, urban form, development of tools for urban design, green neighbourhoods
Lokman, Kees design studios in the landscape architecture
Mooney, Patrick sustainable development; urban biological diversity; environmental restoration; wetland restoration; therapeutic landscapes; sustainable development; urban biological diversity; urban ecosystems; environmental management in urban planning; birds in urban environments; habitat management; Japanese gardens; habitats, Sustainable landscape planning, ecological restoration, design studio, evironmental issues
Roehr, Daniel Sustainable communities, sustainable design, materials and construction, landscape architecture, integration of living roofs as holitstic system for stormwater management
Vujosevic, Tijana History and theory of architecture, Modern period, with special expertise in art and architecture of socialism