Land and Water Systems

Land and Water Systems provides graduates with science-based skills, training and knowledge in natural resources and environmental sciences and effective communication alternatives. The program addresses the emerging environmental issues of food security, maintenance of ecological services, restoration of degraded lands, climate change adaptation and resource conservation. Students assess the intersection of resource activities, which includes Urbanization, Mining, Agriculture and Forestry through a land and water lens on a local and global scale.


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Faculty Members in Land and Water Systems

Name Research Interests
Black, Thomas Andrew Biometeorology; Soil physics; Microclimate modification
Chanway, Christopher Soil microbiology
Cornelis, Jean Thomas Earth and related environmental sciences; Pedology; Biogeochemistry; Soil-Plant Interactions
Grayston, Susan Climate change, microbiology, soil science
Krzic, Maja Soil sciences; Soil health; Soil management; Soil science education
Smukler, Sean Natural sciences; Agricultural ecology; Soil health; Climate change adaptation and mitigation; Ecosystem services

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