Educational Administration and Leadership

This is a program for experienced educators. Graduates will be prepared to provide leadership as educators, administrators and facilitators of educational change within schools and communities. As a community of scholars and practitioners, we come from different disciplinary traditions (philosophy, law, educational administration and management, organizational studies, sociology, policy studies, media studies, Indigenous education). We bring to the Program an engagement with education undertaken in national and cultural settings in different regions of the world (South East and Western Asia, North America and the Pacific). 


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Faculty Members in Educational Administration and Leadership

Name Research Interests
Fallon, Gerald Indigenous Studies, International and Comparative Education, Leadership and Organizations, Policy, Research methodologies
Gill, Hartej Cultural studies, Leadership and Organizations, Post-colonial studies, Teaching and Practice
Poole, Wendy Educational leadership and administration; Organizational change in education (reform of schooling); Teachers’ work; Teacher unions and teacher unionism; role of teacher unions in education, Leadership and organizations, Social justice, Teaching and Practice
Taylor, Alison Adult and continuing education, and community education; Educational administration, management and leadership; Educational policy; Higher education; Specialized studies in education; Education, Knowledge and Skills; Educational Context; Political Contexts; Social Contexts; Social Policies
Wang, Fei Educational administration, management and leadership; Educational policy; Specialized studies in education; comparative policy studies; Education and Training Management; Educational administration and leadership; Ideology and Social Policy; Leadership; Social Contract and Social Justice; social justice and diversity; the role of the school principals

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