Economics covers many fields including: macroeconomics, labour economics, international trade and finance, environmental economics, industrial organization, information and incentives, economic theory, health economics, development economics, and economic history.


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Faculty Members in Economics

Name Research Interests
Anderson, Siwan Micro-level institutions, role of gender, studies of rural governments
Baylis, Patrick Economics; Climate Changes and Impacts; Economic Planning of Energy; climate change economics; energy economics; environmental economics
Beaudry, Paul National and International macroeconomic issues, Business cycles, inflation, financial markets, the macro-economic effects of technological change and globalization, and the determinants of aggregate employment and wages
Bostanci, Gorkem Macroeconomics (including monetary and fiscal theory); Industry economics and industrial organization; Firm Dynamics; Input Allocation and Productivity; Labor Demand; intellectual property
Copeland, Brian International trade, environmental economics, interaction between globalization, the environment, and the sustainability of renewable resources
Couture, Victor Economics; Urban economics and transportation; Efficiency of urban transportation systems; Potential for e-commerce to reduce spatial inequality; Preferences for social interactions; Consequences of gentrification
Devereux, Michael Economics, Macro and Monetary Economics Economic Policy, Monetary and Fiscal Policy, Deficits, Exchange Rates, Capital Flows, Financial Crises, International, monetary
Drelichman, Mauricio Economic history, Spain, Argentina
Farinha Luz, Vitor Microeconomic Theory,
Ferraz, Claudio governance and accountability in developing countries; how politics affect public service delivery; the effects of electoral rules on political selection; the role of the state in high crime and violence environments
Fortin, Nicole Wage inequality and its links to labour market institutions and public policies, including higher education policies economic progress of women, gender equality policies, and gender issues in education
Francois, Patrick African Autocracies, Economics of Developing Countries, Indian Village Governance, Macro, development, problems in development economies, political economy and non profits
Gallipoli, Giovanni Macroeconomics (including monetary and fiscal theory); Economic Policies; Economic Phenomena on a National or International Level; Economic Phenomena on an Individual or Organizational Level; applied microeconomics; computational economics; labor economics; macroeconomics; Consumption theory and measurement
Green, David Antibiotic Resistance,  Infectious Disease, Epidemiology, Determinants of the wage and employment structure bridging between macro labour and micro labour identification issues
Hnatkovska, Viktoriya International finance, macroeconomics, development economics in India
Hoffmann, Florian Labor Economics, Macro Economics, Income Inequality, Education, Mobility
Hwang, Il Myoung empirical industrial organization and market design; evaluating different school choice mechanisms
Jaccard, Torsten Economics; international trade
Juhasz, Reka Economics; international trade; Economic History; Development and Growth; industrial policy and industrialization
Kasahara, Hiroyuki Econometrics and international trade
Lahiri, Amartya Exchange rates and monetary policy, growth and development, international economics, macroeconomics, and development economics
Lemieux, Thomas labour market issues, Applied, labour, earnings inequality in Canada and other countries I am also interested in econometric methods used to analyze the earnings distribution and regression discontinuity designs
Li, Hao Microeconomic theory, theory of contracts and organizations, and games and decisions
Li, Wei Contract theory, applied game theory, and information economics I am deeply interested in the interaction of information and incentives in various economics and political environments
Lowe, Matthew preference formation; social integration; political selection
Marmer, Vadim Econometrics, fuzzy regression discontinuity designs, international business cycle models
McCasland, Jamie small firm hiring, job training, and network-based technology adoption in low-income countries
Milligan, Kevin Labour and demographic economics; Public economics; Economic Policies; Children; Inequality; Pensions; Public Finance; Taxation
Moon, Seok Min public economics; Corporate Finance; the effects of capital gains taxes on firms’ investment; the spillover effects of political patronage on the allocation of bank credits in private markets; how firms’ market power affects their investment, capital structure, and employment decisions
Norris, Samuel Economics and business administration; Education; Crime; labor economics
Nunn, Nathan Economics; Political economy; Economic History; economic development; cultural economics; international trade
Perla, Jesse macro-economics and growth from the perspective of the firm, with an emphasis
Peters, Michael micro theory, especially the theory of competing mechanisms, and the theory of directed search
Rehavi, M. Economics; Law; Health Care Organization; Public Finances and Taxation; Algorithms; applied econometrics; criminal law; decision support (algorithms); discrimination; maternal health
Saggio, Raffaele Labour Economics; Alternate Work Arrangements; applied econometrics; Matched employer-employee datasets
Sarsons, Heather Economics; labour, personnel, and behavioural economics
Schrimpf, Paul theoretical and applied econometrics; dynamic games, partial identification, and insurance
Severinov, Sergei Auctions, industrial organization theory, water markets in developing nations
Siu, Henry business cycle, recession, unemployment, Business cycles and the consequences of macroeconomic forces on the labour market
Snowberg, Erik Political economy; Behavioural Economics; Experimental Design; Data-Intensive Methods in Economics
Song, Kyungchul Estimation of structural models based on interactions among economic agents
Squires, Munir Development Economics, Firms and Productivity
Szkup, Michal international macroeconomics, financial economics and information economics with a particular focus on the role of coordination failures and financial frictions.
Valencia Caicedo, Felipe Development Economics; Economic History; Economic Growth; Latin America
Wagner, Katherine Economics; Environmental and Energy Economics; Public Finance

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