Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Adams, Keith Molecular evolution, genome evolution, and gene expression
Angert, Amy evolutionary ecology, population biology, biological responses to climate change, conservation biology
Berbee, Mary systematics, molecular phylogenetics, fungi, mycology
Bohlmann, Carl plant biochemistry, forestry genomics, forest health, conifers, poplar, bark beetle, mountain pine beetle, natural products, secondary metabolites, terpenes, floral scent, grapevine, Conifer genomics Forest health genomics Mountain pine beetle, fungus, pine interactions and genomics Chemical ecology of conifer, insect interactions
Cronk, Quentin Charles Comparative genomics, molecular developmental biology and evolutionary biology to study plant form
Davies, Jonathan Phylogenetics & Biodiversity. Development and application of phylogenetic methods in ecology and conservation biology
Fast, Naomi Genomics, single-celled organisms
Graham, Sean Plant phylogenetics, Plant systematics, Plant evolution, Organelles, Phylogenomics, Land plants, Mycoheterotrophs
Haughn, George plant cell wall biology, seed coat differentiation
Jetter, Reinhard Analytical Chemistry, Plant Ecophysiology, Plant Biochemistry, Molecular Genetics, Biological Chemistry
Keeling, Patrick John Molecular evolution and cell biology of eukaryotes
Kunst, Ljerka Seed storage oil production, biosynthesis
Leander, Brian Evolutionary morphology, Marine invertebrate zoology, Evolutionary protistology, Species discovery, Phylogenetic biology, Comparative organismal biology, Marine biodiversity
Lee, Jae-Hyeok genetic engineering of microalgae for robust biomass production, the roles of sexuality in the evolution of developmental mechanisms
Li, Xin Molecules in plants, plants defence against pathogen infection, plant genes
Maddison, Wayne Arachnology, Biodiversity, Spiders, Phylogenetic Theory and Programming
Martone, Patrick Phycology, Macroalgae, Evolution, Biomechanics, Intertidal Zone, Ecology
Michaletz, Sean
Parfrey, Laura Microbial ecology, microbial diversity, microbiome, protists
Rieseberg, Loren plant evolutionary biology, adaptation, speciation, crops, weeds, invasive plants
Rosado Rey, Abel Plasma membrane repair mechanisms in plants
Samuels, Anne Lacey plant cell biology, plant cell walls
Song, Liang
Suttle, Curtis Microbial Diversity, Marine Microbiology, Environmental Virology, Biological Oceanography, Viral Discovery, Viruses, Phage
Tortell, Philippe Biological / Chemical Oceanography, Climate-active Trace Gases, Primary Productvity, Polar Marine Ecosystems
Tseng, Michelle Ecology, Evolutionary Biology
Wasteneys, Geoff Plant Growth and Development, Microtubule Dynamics and Organization, Trafficking of Membrane Receptors and Transporters, Cellulose Biosynthesis, Plant Cell Walls in Cell Shape and Tissue Function, Plant Responses to Abiotic Stress
Whitton, Jeannette Plant evolutionary ecology, Evolution of asexuality, Evolution of polyploids, Speciation/ diversification, Species at risk, Conservation policy
Zhang, Yuelin Plant immunity, Systemic acquired resistance, ROS signaling, MAPK signaling, plant immune receptors