Ancient Culture, Religion and Ethnicity

The focus of Ancient Culture, Religion and Ethnicity is on the history, literature, archaeology and religious traditions of the ancient Mediterranean. Research strengths include:

  • Mediterranean and Near Eastern Archaeology,
  • Hebrew Bible Studies,
  • Early Christianity and Judaism,
  • Languages and Literature of Greece, Rome and the Near East,
  • Reception Studies,
  • Digital Humanities, and
  • Cultural History.

Faculty Members

Name Research Interests
Bablitz, Leanne Roman history, Roman law, Roman courtrooms, , Roman social history and law, Roman topography, Roman legal procedure
Cooper, Elisabeth Archaeology of greater Mesopotamia
Cousland, Robert classical Greek mythology, Jewish-Hellenistic litereature, Greek mythology and religion, religion and comporary music, film and literature
Daniels, Megan Classical religion; Archaeology of Greece and the broader eastern Mediterranean; Late Bronze Age to Hellenistic Period; Ancient religion, sanctuaries, votive objects; Cross-cultural interaction; Ancient economies and trade; Divine kingship; Digital/data science approaches to the ancient world, particularly ancient religion; Migration and mobility across Eurasia; Phoenician culture; Ceramic analysis
De Angelis, Franco Ancient Greek world history, environment, urbanism, developmnet of societies, colonization, economics, ancient literature
Fisher, Kevin Archeological Data Analysis; Archeological Excavation Methods and Techniques; Dynamics of Social Transformations; Urban Spaces and Urbanity; Social Life / Societal Life; Near Eastern archaeology; Mediterranean archaeology; built environments; architecture; urbanism; digital archaeology; social interaction; power
Gardner, Gregg Judaism, Rabbinic Literature, Rabbinic Judaism, Mishnah, Talmud, Jewish Studies, Jewish Law, Jewish Ethics, Charity, Jewish Ethics, Archaeology of Israel, Archaeology and Hebrew Bible, Archaeology of Jerusalemn
Griffin, Michael Greek philosophy, Ancient philosophy, Plato, Aristotle, Plotinus, Proclus, Neoplatonism, Ancient logic
Huemoeller, Katharine Roman social history; Slavery (ancient and comparative); Documentary texts; gender and sexuality; Ancient law (in theory and in practice); Non-urban life in antiquity
Keddie, George Anthony Religion, Ethnicity, and Economy in the Roman East; Apocalypticism in Judaism and Christianity; Jewish and Christian Material Culture and Epigraphy; Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha; Archaeology of Roman Palestine; Urban Contexts of Christian Origins; Classical Ethiopic (Ge'ez) Language and Literature; Theory and Method for Religious Studies and Social History
Marshall, Christopher Warren Literary or Artistic Works Analysis; Performance and Theatrical Productions
McCarty, Matthew archaeology and art of the Roman Empire and Iron Age Europe/North Africa; ancient religion and ritual practice; interplays between texts, practices, and objects; imperialism, colonialism, and identity in the ancient world; interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, comparative (especially comparison with Qin/Han China), and theoretical approaches; historiography of archaeology
McElduff, Siobhan Literary or Artistic Work Analysis; Philosophy, History and Comparative Studies; Popular Cultures Produced and Broadcasted by Media; Translation History (pre-modern); Translation and gesture; Cheap literature and classical reception; Book history (18th, 19th centuries); Ballads
Milstein, Sara Religious Contexts; Literary or Artistic Works Analysis; History of Major Eras, Great Civilisations or Geographical Corpuses; Hebrew Bible and Near Eastern Studies; literary history of the Bible; Near Eastern scribal culture; Mesopotamian literature; biblical and cuneiform law
Schneider, Thomas Egyptian history and phonoly
Yoon, Florence heralds and the representation of the absent; anonymity and naming, particularly in Greek Tragedy; props and silent characters in Greek drama