Public Transport

Vancouver has a reliable public transport, called TransLink, which includes buses, the Skytrain and Seabus. As a student of UBC you have access to some travel discounts too!

A great way to plan a trip using public transport in Vancouver is to use the Travel Planner on the TransLink website.

Campus Connection

The best way to get to UBC's main campus in Vancouver is by Express Bus or regular bus. The Point Grey campus cannot be reached by seabus, train or monorail. Express buses to Point Grey campus run on a couple of main corridors, in particular 4th Avenue, Broadway, 16th Avenue and South West Marine Drive. Please take a look at the public transport systems map to orient yourself with the geographic features and where in Vancouver UBC is located. Other locations, such as UBC Robson Square or medical facilities throughout the Lower Mainland, might provide other public transport options.


There are different types of bus services including regular and express buses within the Translink network as well as long distance and Interstate (e.g. Greyhound) buses.

Regular buses

Buses cover a great deal of Vancouver and offer regular services between the city and the campus. UBC is a 20-minute bus ride from downtown Vancouver. For more information on the bus routes and how to get to UBC see the UBC website.

Timetables and bus information are available from the TransLink website.

Please note: bus timetables are not available on all bus stops. To access information about the schedule for a bus you are waiting for you can:

  • Call 604-953-3333 and then the 5-digit number on the bus stop or
  • Text the 5-digit number to 33-333.

You enter the bus through the front door where you either purchase, show or validate your ticket. Please let passengers get off the bus first before you enter the bus. You can exit the bus through the rear and front doors. In Canada, passengers often thank the driver when leaving the bus. 

Please use all the space in the bus by moving to the rear because otherwise the bus driver might not take more passengers in.

Express buses

Express buses can be entered through all doors; however, ticket purchase and valication can only be done at the front with the driver. Express buses stop less frequently along the route and can help you to cover longer distances quickly. Popular express bus routes to and from the Vancouver Point Grey campus are the 99, 44, 84 to name a few.

Interstate (Greyhound)

Greyhound offers travel across Canada, with major routes between cities, and the offer a student discount too. For more information see the Greyhound website.


The Skytrain connects the outer cities of Greater Vancouver, including Surrey, New Westminster and Burnaby, with downtown Vancouver. For a map and information about services, please see the TransLink website.


Seabus is a passenger ferry that connects downtown Vancouver (Waterfront terminal) with the North Shore (Lonsdale Quay). There are good bus connections in both locations. For more information about the Seabus service see the TransLink website.

Fares and passes

Travelling in Vancouver is straightforward. Purchasing a single ticket for your zone covers buses, Skytrain and the Seabus for 90 minutes, including transfers between buses, Skytrain and Seabus. For information about zones and ticket fares visit the TransLink website. You can only purchase single tickets on the bus with exact change (no notes are accepted and no change is given). Prepaid tickets (faresaver booklets) or monthly passes can be purchased at stores that display a Faredealer sign in their window. As a student your best option is to get a UPass because it is by far the cheapest transportation option. However, for visitors prepaid booklets of ten tickets might be a handy option as you do not have to carry exact change all the time and buying ten tickets gives you a discount.

Student U-Pass

All UBC students are automatically enrolled in the U-Pass program. The U-Pass is valid on buses, Skytrain and Seabus. You can pick up your U-Pass from the UBC Carding Office located in the bookstore during bookstore hours of operation.

Students who live outside the boundaries of Metro Vancouver can apply of an exemption to the U-Pass program. For more information visit the UPass website.