WorkSafeBC Research Training Awards


Likely January 2022

Annual Value

$20,000 stipend and a $2,500 research and travel allowance


Permanent Resident

Degree Level


WorksafeBC Research Training Awards are designed to foster the development of occupational health and safety research among graduate students at the master’s and doctoral levels. These awards enable students to undertake full-time research training in BC - focusing on occupational illness, injury, and disability. Research projects must address WorkSafeBC's current research priorities to be eligible for consideration.

Awards include a $20,000 stipend and a $2,500 research and travel allowance. Master's students receive one year of funding and doctoral students receive two years of funding. Recipients can apply to renew their grant for an additional year.


Further Information

Students apply to WorkSafeBC directly. Forms and application materials are available for download from the WorkSafeBC website.  Students with questions about this award should contact Worksafe directly (

Please visit the Office of Research Services (ORS) website for details about UBC signature policies (ORS signs the application form as the "University Research Administration"). The ORS signature deadline will likely be several days before the agency deadline.


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