Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship


Nomination deadline for departments (direct to Microsoft): Likely late June 2021. Applicant Deadline: Likely early August 2021. Check funding agency webpage for exact date

Annual Value

Full tuition and fees plus annual living stipend


Permanent Resident

Degree Level


The Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship Program is two-year fellowship program for PhD students at participating U.S. or Canadian universities pursuing research aligned to the research topics carried out by Microsoft Research. The fellowship covers 100 percent of tuition and fees for two academic years and provides a living stipend.


Application Procedures

Applicants must be in their third year of a PhD program in the fall semester of the year of application and be nominated by their department chair.  For complete eligibility details, refer to the Microsoft webpage noted under "Further Information" on this webpage.

Direct applications to Microsoft from students will not be accepted.

Nomination Procedures

Nominations from departments are submitted directly to Microsoft. A maximum of four applicants per eligible department, per eligible university, will be accepted.

Further Information

Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship Program website has further information (such as application procedures, eligibility requirements and nomiantion procedures) about this fellowship.  Navigate to the "Canada & US" sub-section for information for UBC applicants.


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