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Upcoming competition is under review; details to be confirmed in early 2019

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The Killam Connection program provides up to $25,000 to enable UBC faculty to host an innovative and interdisciplinary research forum and graduate course focused around a theme of general interest and public importance, and including a series of invited scholars. The purpose of the Killam Connection is to provide an opportunity for faculty and graduate students to engage with leading scholars on matters of importance, and for students to gain experience developing and possibly implementing scholarly projects oriented to a public impact.

Please note: the Killam Connection program and upcoming competition are currently under review.



  1. The course is to be hosted at UBC-V.  
  2. A minimum of three of the five public lectures are to be held at the UBC-V campus.
  3. UBC-O faculty may contribute to an application as a co-leader or part of the organizing committee, and UBC-O trainees may participate through a variety of means (e.g., videoconferencing).

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Subject matter that is of current interest and importance to scholars, students and the broader community
  2. Strong potential to attract a large number of faculty and students to participate from a range of disciplines
  3. Demonstrated understanding of the field, and of the potential for impactful public scholarship
  4. High caliber of invited speakers as scholars and public speakers
  5. Interest of speakers (e.g., email response from speaker stating they may be interested in participating)
  6. Strong potential for graduate students’ development in the content area and in public scholarship
  7. Approval from the participating departments for credit of the proposed course
  8. Appropriately justified budget
  9. Seminar topic not currently available as a UBC graduate course
  10. Potential for new initiatives and collaborations to emerge from the forum

Application Procedures

This funding opportunity is under review. Details on future competitions will be posted when available.

Adjudication Procedures

An adjudication committee will be formed by G+PS and comprise faculty from a variety of fields.

Further Information

Questions can be directed to