Hugh C. Morris Experiential Fellowship


Likely February 2022

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The Hugh C. Morris Experiential Fellowship is designed to commemorate the life work and contributions to the fields of Geosciences, Climate Change, and Mathematics in Canada by Dr. Hugh C. Morris. This Fellowship, valued at $40,000, is open to any graduate student studying in Canada who is working in a field related to earth, geosciences, environment, alternative energy, water, climate change, sustainability, or to the social impact, social sciences or design sciences related to these areas, and is designed to provide a unique experiential travel program designed by the student.

The Kimberley Foundation will be offering a webinar about this fellowship on October 9, 2020 at 9:00 am PST.  Register for the webinar at:



The Hugh C. Morris Experiential Fellowship is open to any masters or doctoral student (domestic or international) registered at a Canadian post-secondary institution.

The Foundation will privilege applications that strive to pursue experiential learning programs that ultimately will enable the applicant to positively contribute toward global environmental sustainability or which will position them to pursue a future leading to significant societal impact.

Students eligible to apply to the Fellowship must be studying in one of the below listed fields.

  • earth or geological sciences
  • water sciences
  • alternative energy sciences
  • climate change
  • sustainability
  • environmental studies, including either life, design, or engineering sciences
  • social impact assessment of any of the above areas
  • social sciences concerned with any of the above areas, or
  • design sciences concerned with any of the above areas

Further Information

Full details about the fellowship, including application procedures, type of support covered, adjudication procedures, etc. is available on the Kimberley Foundation website.


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