Health System Impact Fellowship


Likely February 2022

Annual Value

$50,000 for Doctoral, $77,500 for Postdoctoral


Permanent Resident

Degree Level


The Health System Impact (HSI) Fellowship (for doctoral trainees and post-doctoral fellows) provides highly-qualified doctoral trainees (doctoral students) and post-doctoral fellows studying health services and policy research (HSPR), or related fields, a unique opportunity to apply their research and analytic talents to critical challenges in health care that are being addressed by health system and related organizations (e.g., public, private for-profit, not-for-profit, and Indigenous health organizations that are not universities) outside of the traditional scholarly setting, and to also develop professional experience, new skills, and networks.

Please note that this award opportunity requires the signature of the "Authorized Official at the Institution Paid", which at UBC is done by the Office of Research Services.


Further Information

ResearchNet has further information about this opportunity, including detailed eligibility requirements and application procedures.  Students with questions about this award opportunity should contact CIHR.


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