Graduate Global Leadership Fellowship


No longer accepting applications

Annual Value

$18,200 per year plus tuition for four years

Award Status




Degree Level


The Graduate Global Leadership Fellowships (GGLF) enable promising leaders from developing countries to pursue doctoral studies at UBC. The fellowships are to support international students showing outstanding leadership in humanitarian and development work in their home country.

Fellows are supported to pursue research and study that will enhance and support contributions already made and which will be of particular use when they return home to apply their new gained skills and/or knowledge. Recipients will be individuals with an appropriate academic background who have established records of contribution to the development of a civil and sustainable society in their home countries through professional, academic, or volunteer work.

The GGLF program has been discontinued.



Applicants must:

  • Hold a study permit at the beginning of the fellowship funding period
  • Be a citizen of a developing country (see list of developing countries) at the time of application for admission
  • Have shown outstanding leadership in humanitarian and development work in their home country
  • Be starting their first doctoral degree, in a PhD or DMA program at the UBC Vancouver campus in the year of application
  • Students with external funding (external scholarships, third-party sponsorship, etc.) are eligible to apply, but if successful, recipients will have their Graduate Global Leadership Fellowship funding reduced by the amount of their external funding

Evaluation Criteria

Academic Excellence (30%) - As demonstrated by academic transcripts, awards and distinctions

Research Ability / Potential (30%) - Quality of analytical skills, ability to think critically, ability to apply skills and knowledge, judgment, originality, initiative and autonomy, determination, and ability to complete projects within an appropriate period of time—as demonstrated in the description of the degree program and by work experience, research contributions, letters of appraisal

Leadership in development of civil and sustainable society in home country (40%) - Established record of leadership in professional, academic or volunteer work – as demonstrated in personal statement; work experience, community involvement and other extracurricular activities; communication skills; and letters of appraisal


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