Canadian Student Health Research Forum (CSHRF) Travel Award

Quick Facts

The aim of the CSHRF is to provide a venue for the networking, research exposure and recognition of Canada's most promising research trainees in the health sciences. Universities have been invited on nominate their top PhD students in health sciences for participation in the forum. A limited number of invited participants will also receive travel award funding from CIHR.

Annual Value: 
Conference Travel Costs
Award Status: 

Graduate program nominations to G+PS: March 24, 2014


PhD students in health sciences (defined as broadly as the mandate of the CIHR) are eligible to be nominated.

Permanent Resident
Degree Level: 
Applicant Status: 
Continuing Students


Application Procedures: 

Students should contact their graduate program for information about applying.

Nomination Procedures: 

The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies will collect nominations on behalf of UBC, to forward to the CSHRF Coordinator. Graduate programs are invited to nominate their top PhD students in health sciences to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Graduate programs may submit up to 5% of their PhD students in health sciences (for instance, if a program has 40 PhD students in health sciences, it could submit up to 2 nominees). Appropriate selection criteria are to be determined by the graduate programs. Please note that the symposium theme rotates from year to year and should not bias student selection.

Graduate programs are asked to submit the following by e-mail to by Friday, March 24, 2014:

  1. completed nomination form
  2. one-page abstract for each nominee

Further Information

Further information is available at the CSHRF website.

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