Bullitt Environmental Fellowship


Likely April 2020

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The Bullitt Environmental Fellowship is awarded each year to an outstanding, environmentally knowledgeable graduate student from a community under-represented in the environmental movement, who has demonstrated exceptional capacity for leadership as well as scholarship. The Foundation encourages applications from a broad diversity of students, with a particular emphasis on students of color and others who have overcome discrimination or other significant hardships. The Fellowship was established in honor of Priscilla Bullitt Collins, the longtime Foundation Chair of the Bullitt Foundation. The Fellowship is valued at $50,000/year for two years.



Eligible applicants must first secure a recommendation from a faculty member. Only faculty recommended applications will be considered.

Eligible applicants will be:

  • Nominated by a faculty member. Knowledge of the applicant’s studies and field work (if applicable) is highly recommended.
  • Currently enrolled student in a graduate candidate program, not restricted to environmental studies
  • Demonstrates a strong desire and capacity for leadership
  • Seeking leadership opportunities to make substantial contributions to the environmental field

Application Procedures


  • January 1: Applications may be started through The Bullitt Foundation's Online Application Portal
  • April 1: application submission deadline
  • June: selected finalists are interviewed
  • September/October: the Fellowship winner is announced at an award dinner

Further Information

The Bullitt Foundation Website has further information, including an FAQ and profiles of previous fellowship recipients.