Clement Cheung

Phyton Biotech LLC
Chemical Operation Technologist
Vancouver, Canada
Vancouver, Canada
Investigation of New Membrane Materials of Nitrocellulose
Mark MacLachlan

Where and what is your current position?

Large-scale synthesis of anti-cancer drugs and also process development of new reaction pathways and methods.

Is your current career path as you originally intended?

Still doing chemistry, woot!!

How does this job relate to your graduate degree?

Research prepped me for interacting with coworkers from all around the globe.

What motivated you to pursue graduate work at UBC?

Nice people, nice supervisor, close to home!

What did you enjoy the most about your time as a graduate student at UBC?

Scenery, people, sports and activities.

What are key things you did that contributed to your success?

I am not successful. At least not yet!

What is your best piece of advice for current graduate students preparing for their future careers?

Networking, networking, networking!!

Did you have any breaks in your education?

Not many breaks, but I took the necessary time off to refresh my train of thought.

What challenges did you face in your graduate degree, or in launching your career?

Need to really think outside the box. Scrolling through years of literature to find the conditions needed for a reaction to work. Really need to take the time to research otherwise you will regret it.

What do you like and what do you find challenging about your current position?

It's fun and it's all about chemistry!!


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