UBC professor wins 2019 CAGS Award for Outstanding Graduate Mentorship

Matei Ripeanu, UBC Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, in the Faculty of Applied Science, is the winner of the 2019 Award for Outstanding Graduate Mentorship, given by the Canadian Association for Graduate Studies. The award recognizes graduate faculty members with a record of outstanding mentorship of graduate students under their supervision.

Since 2006, Dr. Ripeanu has supervised six PhD students and 12 Master’s-level students to the completion of their degrees. He models excellence in scholarship, professional conduct, and integrity, and he instills in his graduate students a desire to emulate these qualities.

The UBC professor is known for investing significant amounts of time and energy into each of his graduate students. He pushes them to ask probing questions, and to constantly refine their methods and approaches. “What stands out is Dr. Ripeanu’s dedication to his students,” writes a former PhD graduate, “and his commitment to creating opportunities for them to reach their full potential.”

Dr. Ripeanu frequently brings together collaborators in academia and industry to provide world-class training for his students, and he helps them to build valuable professional networks within these communities, both before and after graduation. Since arriving at UBC, more than 90 per cent of his publications have been in collaboration with his students and many of his graduates have published their work independently in leading journals. “Dr. Ripeanu is an outstanding role model,” reflects a former student, “and he has made a lasting impact on my professional and personal growth through his mentorship.”

His current graduate students are unanimous: “Prof. Ripeanu has inspired us to achieve excellence in our studies, and his mentorship has had a profound and measurable impact on all of us.”

Written with information from the Canadian Association for Graduate Studies website: https://cags.ca/outstanding-graduate-mentorship/?fbclid=IwAR0Y9RMlRpte4o...

Wednesday, 15 May 2019