UBC announces Public Scholars Initiative

In recognition of doctoral students' tremendous capacity for and motivation to make innovative and positive contributions to the public good through their scholarly work, UBC Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (G+PS) is excited to announce a new support and funding initiative geared to support 'Public Scholars' at the doctoral level. 

PhD graduates are entering a wider range of careers than ever. The scholarship many can or will pursue requires breadth of understanding, insight, attributes, and competencies in areas beyond those relevant to the academic sector. While intensive scholarship is the cornerstone of doctoral education, there is an increasing recognition that such scholarship can be more broadly defined than it has been traditionally. We believe there is a critical role for doctoral education in fostering the ability of tomorrow's leaders and innovators to make positive social contributions through outstanding scholarship in a multitude of contexts.

This initiative builds on the ongoing conversation at UBC and elsewhere on reimagining the PhD, and was developed by a 28-member cross-university advisory committee.

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Tuesday, 10 March 2015