Sociology PhD Students Win Prize for Co-Authored Paper

Sociology PhD students François Lachapelle and Patrick John Burnett won the Canadian Sociological Association's Best Student Paper Award.

Congratulations to François Lachapelle (PSI scholar, left) and Patrick Burnett (right) for this prestigious award, which was conferred to their co-authored paper, "Canadianization Movement, American Imperialism, and Scholastic Stratification: Professorial Evidence from 1977 to 2017".

Their paper uses a large dataset to detail the doctoral backgrounds of 4,934 social science faculty in Canada's top 15 universities between 1977 and 2017. Using this data, the authors examine the professorial hiring trends of Canadian institutions over a forty-year period, where they pay special attention to trends in the proportion of Canadian- and American-trained faculty working at Canadian universities.

The project was partly funded by UBC's Public Scholars Initiative. François and Patrick will be honoured at the Canadian Sociological Association’s Annual Banquet and Award Ceremony to be held at Ryerson University on May 30, 2017.

For more information about their research, visit their project website, Relational Academia.


Wednesday, 17 May 2017