Six Strategic Plan projects will directly impact grad students and postdocs

We are thrilled that graduate students and postdocs will directly benefit from at least six of the recently funded UBC pilot projects and change initiatives. The projects represent key areas of strategic priority for G+PS, including the cultivation of an environment and practices that support graduate student community and wellbeing, enhancement of learning opportunities for research integrity and research practices, postdoctoral fellow career development, and a strong commitment to engagement with Indigenous communities and support of Indigenous students.

To learn more about each project, read the descriptions below.

Enhancing Graduate Student Community

This project – which is a collaboration between the Graduate Student Society, VP-Students Office and the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies – aims to explore the feasibility of creating a vibrant Graduate Life Centre at UBC. It also aims to pilot a program to encourage and support enhanced intellectual community within and between graduate programs.

Related strategy(ies): Strategy 15: Student Experience
Project sponsor: Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies, Graduate Student Society, and Vice-President Students
Target end date: Winter 2020
Progress: On track

More information: Enhancing Graduate Student Community (PDF)

Postdoc Career In-Site Project

UBC is home to more than 850 postdoctoral fellows (PDFs) who span all 12 faculties, over 90 departments and 10 hospitals and affiliated sites. The Postdoctoral Fellows Office (PDFO) – in partnership with the UBC Postdoctoral Association – proposes the creation of a pilot project called Postdoc Career In-Sites. The program will facilitate postdoc engagement with organizations and individuals through a series of group site visits as well as networking events with a variety of community and corporate partners. The Postdoc Career In-Sites program aims to provide PDFs with exposure to a variety of opportunities available outside of the academy; to assist PDFs in cultivating meaningful connections and professional networks; to raise awareness of UBC’s PDF community to external partners; and to aid postdoctoral fellows in their transition to a fulfilling post-PDF career.

Related strategy(ies): Strategy 13: Practical Learning
Project sponsor: Dean, Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies
Target end date: Winter 2020
Progress: On track

More information: Postdoc Career In-Sites Project (PDF)

Expanding ‘Supporting Aboriginal Graduate Enhancement’ (SAGE) Across the Institution

The Faculty of Education has established and supported the highly successful Indigenous graduate student initiative – Supporting Aboriginal Graduate Enhancement (SAGE) – for the last 12 years. This project seeks to establish and mentor a critical mass of Indigenous graduate students by extending the SAGE initiative beyond the Faculty of Education in two ways: firstly, expanding it across UBC faculties/programs by working in partnership with the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (G+PS). Secondly, it will build on the work of the Aboriginal Transitions: Undergraduate to Graduate Phase 1 Report, which was funded by and prepared for the Ministry of Advanced Education and Training.

Related strategy(ies): Strategy 1: Great People
Project sponsor: Associate Dean, Indigenous Education (Faculty of Education) and Dean, Faculty of Graduate + Postdoctoral Studies
Target end date: Winter 2021
Progress: On track

More information: Expanding SAGE Across the Institution (PDF)

Research integrity training framework

Research excellence, integrity and innovation all feature prominently in the new UBC strategic plan, and enabling a strong and diverse research culture is a responsibility shared by many across the university. This project, in collaboration with the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, proposes two initiatives that will strengthen and reinforce a high-integrity culture of research excellence and innovation to deliver on key elements of Shaping UBC’s Next Century. This will take place through promotion and raising awareness of the responsible conduct of research, and clear communication of the policies, procedures and best practices around commercialization and entrepreneurship pathways to innovation.

Related strategy(ies): Strategy 7: Research Support
Project sponsor: Vice-President Research & Innovation
Target end date: Winter 2020
Progress: On track

More information: Research Integrity Training Framework (PDF)

Indigenous Engagement Training Program

To materially affect university research culture, it is necessary to identify examples of successful inclusive, positive and respectful research practices. This, in turn, can help define approaches to research that will strengthen research relationships with Indigenous communities. This project aims to co-develop training programs with Indigenous community partners for researchers and graduate students entering – or wishing to enter –  collaborative relationships. In addition, the project will assemble a baseline inventory of all the training and education tools, both within and outside of UBC, that are accredited and commonly used by academic professionals.

Related strategy(ies): Strategy 17: Indigenous Engagement
Project sponsor: Vice-President Research & Innovation
Target end date: Winter 2020
Progress: On track

More information: Indigenous Engagement Training Program (PDF)

Fostering Open Science at UBC

This project targets research support and educational initiatives at the undergraduate and graduate levels in order to integrate Open Science practices. Open Science represents an approach to research that emphasizes reproducibility, transparency and accessibility. This project has two strategic goals: first, to establish the expertise and infrastructure required to foster the practice of Open Science among willing members of the entire UBC research community at both campuses. Secondly, to ensure that the core tenets of Open Science are of second nature to graduates of UBC’s undergraduate and graduate programs.

Related strategy(ies): Strategy 8: Student Research, Strategy 9: Knowledge Exchange, Strategy 10: Research Culture, Strategy 12: Program Redesign and Strategy 14: Practical Learning
Project sponsor: Provost and Vice-President Academic UBCV; Provost and Vice-Principal Academic UBCO; Associate Vice-President Research & Vice-Principal Research
Target end date: Winter 2020
Progress: On track

More information: Fostering Open Science at UBC (PDF)

Monday, 07 January 2019