G+PS staff member receives 2020 President’s Service Award for Excellence

Our warm congratulations to G+PS staff member Kirsten Cameron on receiving the 2020 President’s Service Award for Excellence.

The President’s Service Award for Excellence is the top award presented to UBC staff in recognition of excellence in personal achievements and contributions to UBC and to the vision and goals of the University.

Kirsten has been with UBC for nearly 20 years and is currently an Academic Support Manager at G+PS. In this role, Kirsten provides high quality enrolment and academic support services for 13,000 applicants (annually) and more than 10,000 graduate students as well as professional enrolment advising and support services to the faculty and staff of more than 100 graduate programs across the entire University.

Described by many as the go-to person for information and advice on anything related to student administration, Kirsten’s expertise and attitude are appreciated across the university. Here are some example of the dozens of accolades, compliments and gratitude expressed by colleagues within UBC:

“[Kirsten] is a pillar of this office, having served so conscientiously and thoughtfully for 19 years in the ever-changing landscape of graduate education at UBC. She consistently goes ‘above and beyond’ in all ways. She is one of the most hard-working individuals I have met, and is motivated to put in many extra hours by a truly sincere concern for students, staff, and faculty, and to ensure that the principles of excellence, integrity and compassion are upheld through the work we do.”

– Dr. Susan Porter, Dean and Vice-Provost, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kirsten over the course of the last nine years, and truly believe that Kirsten’s commitment to graduate studies and to supporting her colleagues is unparalleled. Even though supporting graduate studies at the Okanagan campus is not part of her job description, Kirsten has never hesitated to assist her colleagues in the Okanagan, and has regularly provided information and insight into issues that no one else at UBC would be able to address.”

– Alicia Meehan, Associate Director, Admissions & Records, College of Graduate Studies (UBC Okanagan)

“In many respects, Kirsten has been the fulcrum on which the Student Academic Services team has pivoted through a number of significant changes over the years. The challenge of being a fulcrum is that it bears the pressure of the pivot. It is all the more remarkable, then, that Kirsten has carried out her work with such wit and consistent good humour through many years. Indeed, Kirsten is one of most genuinely witty people I have known: wit that is not at the expense of others (gentle self-deprecation is more her style), but that is rooted in bemusement at all our various foibles and informed by a remarkable memory for literary and historical references.”

– Brendan Morey, Assistant Dean, Student Administration and Awards, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

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Thursday, 03 September 2020