Department shares perspectives on virtual doctoral defences

Due to COVID-19 and physical distancing protocols, doctoral defences are currently being held online via Zoom. The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine recently published a two-part series on COVID-19 and a new vision of a PhD defence day—sharing both a graduate student’s and a supervisor’s perspectives.

“After some reflection I think what I always wanted from my PhD defence was a day that I would never forget. With hopes that the world recovers from the COVID19 pandemic and that virtual defences are a rarity, I think I will always remember the day of my PhD defence in the summer of 2020.”

– Brennan J. Wadsworth, PhD, currently a postdoctoral fellow, Integrative Oncology Department

“When Brennan defended, we wanted to be sure he wouldn’t have to wait long. I happily commuted the hour and a half into Vancouver so I could sit the defence in my office at the BC Cancer Research Institute. Brennan was also in the building for his defence, taking over one of the meeting rooms (which I strongly recommend for any student defending virtually!). I was able to check in with Brennan before the exam to see if he needed anything and to wish him good luck, and I literally ran to congratulate him after the defence was done.”

– Kevin L. Bennewith, PhD, Senior Scientist, Integrative Oncology Department and BC Cancer

For the full story, view the September 2020 issue of Pathology, the Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Magazine.

Tuesday, 06 October 2020