2021 Friedman Award for Scholars in Health recipients announced

Sixteen graduate students and medical residents doing research in the field of health have received this year’s Friedman Award for Scholars in Health. Winners range from a variety of programs, including Electrical and Computer Engineering, Experimental Medicine and Kinesiology.

The Friedman Award for Scholars in Health supports learning and research opportunities for graduate students or medical residents working in the broad area of health, to bring new perspectives to their education and further their career.

The award is named after two of the earliest faculty members in the UBC Faculty of Medicine. Dr. Sydney Friedman and his wife Dr. Constance Livingstone-Friedman believed that well-rounded and transformative education includes learning from different perspectives and cultures, and they wished to support such learning among UBC graduate students and medical residents.

Friedman Scholars receive funding for six or more months of study outside western Canada. Destinations for this year’s award winners include Harvard University, Stanford University, Institut de Recherche en Infectiologie de Montpellier (IRIM), and Maxima Medical Center, Eindhoven, among others. 

Name TOpic Status/Department host institution
Ameen Amanian

Application of Artificial Intelligence in the Surgical Management of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma

Medical resident in Surgery

John Hopkins University

Jeremiah (Jem) Arnold

Developing Assessment Methods for Athletes with Iliac Artery Blood Flow Limitation

Doctoral student in Kinesiology

Maxima Medical Center, Eindhoven

Emily Bliven

Computational modeling of femoral augmentation to prevent hip fracture in a sideways fall

Doctoral student in Biomedical Engineering

ETH Zurich

Hannah Caldwell

Novel ketone and exercise therapy to improve blood flow and insulin sensitivity in type-2 diabetes

Doctoral student in Kinesiology

University of Copenhagen

Daljeet Chahal

Transplant Hepatology Fellowship, Mount Sinai Division of Liver Diseases

Medical resident in Gastroenterology

Mount Sinai Hospital

Abhinav Kumar Checkervarty

Understanding the effect of vaccination in newborns

Doctoral student in Experimental Medicine

Boston Children's Hospital

Johnahon Gorman

Combined Stroke Neurology and Thrombosis Hematology Fellowship

Medical resident in Neurology

McMaster University

Megha Kalia

An Ideal-Observer Model for Multi-Modal Information Fusion for Medical Augmented Reality

Doctoral student in Electrical and Computer Engineeing

New York University

Cidnee Luu

Development of a low-cost, high quality wearable system for measuring brain activity

Master's student in Biomedical Engineering

Stanford University

Luke MacLean

Deformable Guidance of Spinal Surgery Bone Cutting using Ultrasound-Augmented Tools


John Hopkins University

Nassr Nama

Infants most at risk for a serious diagnosis explaining a brief resolved unexplained event

Medical resident in Pediatrics

University of Washington

Michelle Olding

Optimizing the implementation of overdose prevention in supportive housing settings

Doctoral student in Interdisciplinary Studies

University of California - San Francisco

Virginia Pichler

Unpacking the molecular determinants of non-tuberculous mycobacteria infections

Doctoral student in Microbiology and Immunology

Institut de Recherche en Infectiologie de Montpellier (IRIM)

Cristina Rubino

Machine learning and eye-tracking combined with brain imaging to improve recovery after stroke

Doctoral student in Rehabilitation Sciences

Cornell University

Jacob Stubbs

Lesion and atrophy network mapping of traumatic brain injury and neuropsychiatric symptoms

Doctoral student in Experimental Medicine

Harvard University

Erica Tsang

Delving into HR-Deficient Pancreatic Cancer: Navigating a Panel vs. Whole Genome Approach

Medical resident in Clinician Investigator Program

University of California - San Francisco

Wednesday, 09 June 2021