Measurement, Evaluation and Research Methodology

Measurement, Evaluation and Research Methodology (MERM) focuses on the preparation of graduate students to be methodological and measurement specialists. MERM students generally fit into one of three categories:

  • Students who have an applied interest in educational and psychological measurement, program evaluation, or data analysis. These students are more oriented toward the use of measurement, program evaluation, or data analysis techniques in fields such as education, psychology, or health.
  • Students who have strong theoretical interests in technical problems related to areas such as test theory, item response theory, assessment, statistics, factor analysis, and multi-level modelling.
  • Students who find it compatible with their career goals to give equal attention to both applied and theoretical aspects of this program.

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Faculty Members in Measurement, Evaluation and Research Methodology

Name Research Interests
Hubley, Anita Depression; Drug Abuse; Social Determinants of Health; Homelessness and Homeless People; Mental Health and Society; Quality of Life and Aging; Cognitive Neuropsychology of Aging; Social Aspects of Aging; Executive Functions; Dementia; Aging Process; Identity Building; Learning and Memory; Psychological and health measurement; Test development and validation; Adult neuropsychological, personality, and mental health topics and assessment; Research with general community and vulnerable populations (e.g. elderly, homeless, drug addicted)
Kroc, Edward measurement; applied and theoretical research methodology and best practice; spatio-temporal modelling; Causal inference; urban ecology; life cycle of gulls
Mathison, Sandra Evaluation theory and practice; student assessment; standardized testing; school and program evaluation; critical theory; interpretive and critical research methodologies, qualitative research methods; sociology of assessment
Wu, Amery Development of new psychometric methods (e.g. reliability of complex assessment designs, validation methods using structural equation modeling or item response theory); methodology for group comparison in item responses (e.g. detection of differential option functioning in multiple choice tests); understanding response processes; large-scale educational assessment and English Language assessment
Zumbo, Bruno Psychological methodology design and analysis, and psychometrics; Statistical theory and modeling; Educational assessment and evaluation; Applied mathematics, n.e.c.; Statistics and Probabilities; Mathematical sciences of measurement; Item Response Theory; Latent variable models; Multivariate Analysis; Psychometrics; Test Theory; Validity Theory and Validation

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Sophie Ma Zhu

Doctor of Philosophy in Measurement, Evaluation and Research Methodology (PhD)

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