This combined program is a clinical specialty program that allows students to complete the MSc in Craniofacial Science combined with clinical specialty preparation through the Diploma in Endodontics. The program provides education and training for potential clinicians, research workers, and teachers and covers courses such as: Endodontic Microsurgery, Dental Traumatology, Advanced Occlusion and Articulation, Oral Microbiology and Immunology, Implant Therapy, Oral Radiology, Oral Cell Biology and Biochemistry.

Research Focus:

  • eradication of microorganisms from the root canal system
  • development of unique in vitro and ex vivo models for biofilms which simulate oral in vivo biofilms
  • industry collaborations on new devices to improve antimicrobial solutions
  • safety and effectiveness of instrument systems to deliver disinfecting agents into the root canal
  • impact of file design on the eradication of root canal microbes

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