Everyone plays an important role in supporting graduate student mental health and wellbeing.

From time to time a graduate student, or someone worried about a graduate student, may contact you about responding to a student in distress. A comprehensive guide for assisting students in distress can be found on the Faculty & Staff Resources page on the Student Services website. Use this guide to know what to look for, say, and do to assist students in various levels of distress. You may know the printed version of this guide as the "Green Folder". 

Mental health support at counselling services

A variety of mental health resources and professionals are available through Counselling Services. They will work with a graduate student to assess their wellness needs and identify the level of care that's right for them – from self-directed programs and tools to workshops, group programs, and individual therapy – to help them have the best university experience possible. Learn more about what students can expect when visiting Counselling Services.

Unusual or particularly complex graduate student concerns

There is a team of people at UBC who are experienced at dealing with graduate students in distress and can help. Every situation is a bit different, but the comprehensive guide mentioned above offers a general protocol. For questions or concerns not addressed on this page, contact:

Me Ling Chu
Associate Director, Student Academic Support, Office of the Dean, Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

Additional resources and Contact numbers