Award Administration

Affiliated Fellowships and Tri-Agency Competitions

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies holds an annual competition for NSERC, SSHRC, CIHR CGSM, and Affiliated Fellowships.

Department-recommended Awards

This section provides information on the administration of UBC awards made on the recommendation of a graduate program, department, or Faculty. Read more

Accepting / Activating an Award

Graduate fellowships, scholarships, and awards are paid through the Student Service Centre (SISC). This section provides information about accepting and activating awards. Read more

Renewing Awards

A number of graduate fellowships, scholarships, and awards are offered for more than one year. Most of these awards need to be renewed annually. Examples of such awards are doctoral NSERC, doctoral SSHRC, Killam Fellowships, Vanier, and Four Year Fellowships. Read more