Student Service Centre Awards

Award Activation

For internal awards (awards funded by UBC), it is not necessary for the student to notify the Faculty of Graduate Studies that funding has been awarded. For external awards (awards funded by an agency outside UBC), however, students must notify the Faculty of Graduate Studies about the award, as the external agency may not notify the Faculty of Graduate Studies directly.

Award Acceptance

When an award is offered through the Student Service Centre (SSC), an e-mail is normally sent to the student, directing the student to their account on the Student Service Centre. Once logged into the Student Service Centre, the student can select the offered award and follow the online instructions to accept the award. Only after the award has been accepted will the award pay out to the student.

Award Payments


Award payments will only be issued if students are registered in courses or thesis credits during the terms of the academic year that they are receiving an award.

Award Pickup

Awards issued by the University are first applied towards any outstanding tuition fees. If the amount of the award is greater than the outstanding tuition fees for a term, a cheque for the difference between the award instalment and tuition fees will be issued. Students can pick up cheques from the Student Financial Assistance and Awards office at Brock Hall approximately five business days after the date on which the award amount was issued. Photo identification is required.

Award Instalments

Students are encouraged to check their financial record on the Student Service Centre for confirmation of award instalment amounts and dates. Normally, awards are paid out using the following payment schedule:

  • Under $1,000 - paid out entirely in one term
  • $1,000 - $5,999 - paid out in two terms (equal instalments)
  • $6,000 or greater - paid out over the three terms of the year (33.3% in September, 33.3% January, and 33.4% in May)

Tuition awards, such as the International Partial Tuition Scholarship and the PhD Tuition Fee Award, are paid in three instalments, to coincide with the tuition assessment at the beginning of each term.