Zane Dedekind

Postdoctoral Fellow



Secondary ice production, blowing snow, and the seeder-feeder mechanism are processes that can enhance the ice crystal
number concentration, which can alter precipitation formation in orographic mixed-phase clouds. Secondary ice production
consists of rime splintering (the Hallett-Mossop process), droplet shattering upon freezing, and the collisional breakup of ice
particles. The rime splintering mechanism alone, which many models already include, is inadequate to describe the discrepancy
between observed and modeled ice crystal number concentration. With the more recent inclusion of collisional breakup of
ice particles in models, secondary ice production narrows the gap in the discrepancy between observed and modeled ice
crystal number concentrations substantially in wintertime orographic mixed-phase clouds. Blowing snow and the seeder-feeder
mechanism can cause an enhancement in the ice crystal number concentration in orographic mixed-phase clouds too, which
could modify the hydrometeor growth regimes resulting in enhanced precipitation formation. Blowing snow occurs when
the wind and snowpack conditions are favorable for lifting snow from the surface into a mixed-phase cloud. The seeder-
feeder mechanism occurs when a seeder cloud precipitates into a feeder cloud. However, it is unclear what the contribution
of blowing snow and the seeder-feeder mechanism is on the in-situ ice crystal number concentration, which could ultimately
trigger and enhance secondary ice production. We plan to investigate the importance of the ice particle enhancement of blowing
snow relative to secondary ice production. We will also evaluate the impact of secondary ice production on the ice crystal
enhancement of the seeder-feeder process in orographic mixed-phase clouds and the resulting impact on surface precipitation.



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Mixed-phase clouds
Secondary ice production
Atmospheric Modeling

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