Bryn Zomar

Postdoctoral Fellow


Developmental hip dysplasia (DDH) is a common paediatric hip condition that imposes a large burden of disease. Substantial gaps in families’ needs and what is presented by care providers have been identified, which can be addressed with knowledge translation (KT) activities. The International Hip Dysplasia Registry (IHDR), involving 27 sites in 7 countries, aims to identify best treatment practices and risk factors for DDH. My project aims to work with the IHDR and its KT Advisory Board to develop educational resources and build and implement a KT platform for care providers and families. I will organize focus groups of families and patients to better understand their opinions on treatment strategies, existing knowledge gaps, and an appropriate research agenda. I will build KT initiatives for DDH that can be incorporated into an existing KT platform and then utilize organizational social media platforms within the KT Advisory Board to share information about the platform and resources provided. Successful implementation of our KT platform will help eliminate the need for surgical treatment by diagnosing and treating patients early. Future plans are to expand the scope of the project into other countries and paediatric hip conditions by working with the IHDR and other networks.



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