Ivana Zelenika

Postdoctoral Fellow


Variety of studies point to a correlation between poverty and disadvantageous behaviour, which can further deepen poverty. For example, a preoccupation with financial decisions can be taxing and leave fewer cognitive resources available for other tasks. This causal relationship has been demonstrated by the scarcity experiments in the Mani et al. (2013), where similarly sized financial scenarios had different cognitive impacts on the poor and the rich. For the poor the preoccupation with financial decisions, even hypothetical, was more taxing and resulted in diminished performance on various cognitive tests. 

My research project will be replicating the experiments from the Mani et al. (2013) paper but with Canadian populationno, investigating mental processes strained by poverty and scarcity, and the negative impact they can have on cognition. If we are successful the replication will add validity and reliability to the 2013 study, with additional insights from local demographic and the financial issues BC residents face.  



Research Classification

Household Behavior
Financial Planning

Research Interests

Poverty and Cognition
Recycling and Processing of Solid Waste

Research Methodology

field experiments

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