Alexandra Lyon

Postdoctoral Fellow


My work explores the concept of seed sovereignty in developed agricultural economies from both a theoretical and practical standpoint. I am interested in how and why farmers participate in local or alternative seed systems, and the role of such seed systems in supporting socially and environmentally sustainable agri-food systems. My current research approaches these questions in the context of participatory, on-farm seed variety trials which I am conducting with the UBC Farm and a network of BC vegetable growers, in partnership with the Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security and FarmFolk CityFolk. The seed variety trails engage farmers in identifying crop varieties that are well-adapted to a range of local environments and cultivation practices, with the longer-term objective of supporting local seed production of these varieties. Through this work, I am developing a case study of seed production and exchange systems in BC and their relevance to community mobilization for food sovereignty.



Research Classification

Sustainable Development
Agri-food Transformation Products

Research Interests

seed systems
participatory plant breeding

Research Methodology

crop variety trials
on-farm research
community-engaged research

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