Jason Olsthoorn

Postdoctoral Fellow


The physical limnology of Base Mine Lake

This joint research project with Syncrude Canada Ltd. was initiated to study physical processes in mine pit-lakes in the oil sands industry with special focus on Base Mine Lake. Our overall objectives are to:

  • Identify and parameterize ice formation and under-ice process including salt exclusion,
  • Incorporate the effects of dissolved and suspended solids into predictions of spring turnover,
  • Characterize the role of summer stratification in modulating re-suspension and dissolved oxygen transfer.
  • Predict the re-suspension caused by convection during fall cooling


Research Classification

Fluid Mechanics

Research Interests

Fluid mechanics
Physical Limnology
Fluid Flow Instabilities
Mixing and Transport Processes
vortex dynamics

Research Methodology

Computational Fluid Mechanics
Simplified Modelling
Experimental Flow Visualizations - PIV. LIF, etc.



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