Daniel Anstett

Postdoctoral Fellow


I am studying rapid evolution to climate change in scarlet monkeyflower, Mimulus cardinalis. In particular, I am investigating evidence of adaptation to severe drought throughout California and Oregon, using range-wide seed collections spanning six years. This is done by measuring resistance to drought throughout and traits that mediate drought performance in a greenhouse. These results will be placed in demographic models to associated real population demography with adaptive evolution. I will also be measuring evolution to drought at the molecular level through next-generation sequencing approaches. 

I am also interested in the biogeography of species interactions and continental differences in the traits that mediate these interactions. In particular I have studied latitudinal gradients in herbivory and plant defence throughout my Ph.D. I am also actively involved in studying plant chemical defence evolution in Onagraceae, and evolution of chemical defence genes across latitudinal gradients.



Research Classification

Evolutionary Genetics
Population Genetics
Climate Changes and Impacts

Research Interests

Landscape Genetics
evolutionary ecology
Chemical Ecology
Landscape ecology
Species Interactions
Latitudinal Gradients
Assisted Migration

Research Methodology

Sampling across latitudinal gradients
Long-term monitoring
Quantifying polyphenols in plants
Next-generation sequencing
Greenhouse experimentation

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