Laura Vang Rasmussen

Postdoctoral Fellow


With the Banting postdoctoral fellowship I will research a relatively unexplored issue – that is, the relation between agricultural intensification and expansion and dietary quality. Across the planet, intensification and expansion of agriculture are rapidly increasing. Although the very point of agricultural intensification and expansion is to create more food to reduce hunger, paradoxically the two processes may lead to reduced food security. This is because 1) intensification often replaces subsistence crops with cash crops and reduces food crop diversity, and 2) expansion is the leading cause of forest loss, which can shrink wild food availability. Because of these potential repercussions for rural people’s food security, I find it paramount to gain a better understanding of whether agricultural intensification and expansion perversely can lead to lower food security among local people. 



Research Classification

Plants and Forests
Landscape and Environmental Organization

Research Interests

Nutritional science
Land use science
Conservation science

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