Guopeng Fu

Postdoctoral Fellow


Project Title: Scaffolding and Scaling up Integrated Experiential Learning Experiences in the Core Series, Land and Food Systems (2014-17)

The Land, Food and Community (LFC) core series courses in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems are engaging in experiential pedagogies by integrating community-based experiential learning (CBEL), community-based action research (CBAR) initiatives, and flexible learning (FL) strategies. In the three-year project, the team achieved following outcomes: 1. full implementation of Flexible Learning (FL) strategies in the Land, Food, and Community (LFC) core series courses; 2. enhanced coherence and cohesion among LFC series course; 3. more access to learning resources for students; 4, increased comfort level for instructors teaching in evidence-based, technology-enabled settings; 5. a practice-oriented GTAs professional development model; 6. enhanced relationships between university and community partners; 7. evaluation results for implementing FL in the core series courses; 8. a FL implementation framework based on evaluation results; 9. An online portal for LFC series courses; and 10. disseminate results via faculty meetings, course websites, journal articles, book chapters, conference presentations, workshops, and invited talks. 

Project Title: Themes to learn by - An integrated first year course for Forestry and Land and Food Systems students (2017-)

The Faculty of Land and Food Systems and the Faculty of Forestry are proposing to develop a first year integrated course entitled, “Land One: Integrated Science of Forest, Land and
Food Systems”. The course is expected to attract students who are interested in studying interdisciplinary issues revolving around sustainability, climate change, food security and land use in the context of their first year courses. It is expected that students who partake in this course will see immediate benefits in the feeling connected to their academic ‘home’, being exposed to a wide variety of perspectives, and potentially achieving higher grades throughout their academic careers. The two faculties will work collaboratively to develop and implement this project. The team aim to have 25% of the respective 1st year student enrollments go through the Land One course.


Research Classification

Educational Technologies
Educational Approaches

Research Interests

Curriculum Reform
teacher education
Science Education

Research Methodology

naturalist inquiry

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