Ryan Reynolds

Postdoctoral Fellow


The Resilient-C platform identifies communities that face similar coastal hazard vulnerabilities and provides them with opportunities to connect with each other and share knowledge, resources, and best practices for building coastal resilience. The Resilient-C platform is a project funded by the Marine Environmental Observation Prediction and Response Network, a Network Centre of Excellence in Canada.

The Disaster Risk Reduction (DDR) Pathways project seeks to identify those social, economic, structural, and institutional aspects of communities that may increase vulnerability or resilience to natural and anthropogenic disasters and establish incentives for communities to adopt mitigation and adaptation investments in Canada.



Research Classification

Research Interests

Natural Hazards
Risk Mapping
Risk Communication
Agent-based modelling
Vulnerability Indicators
Resilience Indicators
Recovery Indicators
Household Emergency Preparedness

Research Methodology

Indicator-Based Assessments
Agent-based modelling
Anisometric modelling
Multi-Criteria Analysis

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