Lisa J. Powell

Postdoctoral Fellow


Through the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems, I work on projects related to local and regional food systems, food literacy (specifically in the context of farm to school programs), food policy, and agricultural land use.  I also work on developing resources to help farmers, processors, and others interested in agriculture and food to access and use research results to support the sustainability and resilience of their operations.  I am jointly appointed at the University of the Fraser Valley.

Sample recent publications:

Farm to school in British Columbia: mobilizing food literacy for food sovereignty

Landscapes of food production in agriburbia: Farmland protection and local food movements in British Columbia



Research Classification


Research Interests

food systems
farm to school
innovative crops
land use
coal mining

Research Methodology

Coordinating development of online portal where agrifood researchers can share results, recommendations, etc. with farmers and processors

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