Beth Payne

Postdoctoral Fellow


My Postdoctoral fellowship project, titled "Bridging the gap: from research to sustainable implementation of a mobile health tool in a low-resourced setting" is focused on developing practical tools to guide translation of a mobile health application from research to sustainable implementation in a low-resourced health setting

This program of research will produce practical tools for evaluating the readiness for sustainable integration of a mobile health intervention, the PIERS app, in a low-resourced health system setting. The PIERS app is a decision aid for clinical management of women with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy. This app is currently being evaluated in a cluster randomized controlled trial to determine impact of its use on maternal and perinatal mortality and major morbidity. It is critical that we establish effectiveness of the app but this information does not guarantee that its use can be sustained after the trial ends. What is needed is a broader understanding of end-user and health system requirements for sustainable integration in the health systems where we are completing the clinical trial.

At the end of this fellowship I will be able to demonstrate who, where and what are required for sustainable integration of the PIERS app in the low-resourced health systems where the CLIP trial is being completed. The who refers to understanding the health system human resource and stakeholder needs for technology adoption; the where refers to understanding the place within the health system where this tool will have the greatest chance of success (ie> community or facility health setting); and the what refers to the technology and health system infrastructure requirements needed to maintain use. 

This project uses mixed methods including quantitative surveys and qualitative, semi-structured interviews and focus group discussions. 



Research Classification

New Technology and Social Impacts
Community Health / Public Health
Health Care Technologies
Health Care Organization
Global Health and Emerging Diseases
Health Information Systems

Research Interests

Maternal and child health
Health system strengthening

Research Methodology

Prediction models
Human centered design
Pragmatic/cluster randomized clinical trials
Observational cohort studies
Implementation science

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