Matteo Saletti

Postdoctoral Fellow


I study the effect of channel geometry, in terms of narrowing and widening of the cross-section, and different sediment supply conditions during flood events on the development and stability of a step-pool morphology in mountain rivers. Step-pool morphologies are very common features in mountain streams, sometimes artifically built to stabilize the channel, and they provide a good habitat for fish and microinvertebrates. Therefore, their formation and stability has important implication not only for fluvial geomorphology, but also for river engineering and stream ecology as well.

To address this research problems, I conduct flume experiments at the UBC Fluvial Lab, collect field data the Malcolm Knapp Research Forest in BC, and apply a reduced-complexity numerical model that I developed during my PhD.



Research Classification

Geological and Geomorphological Processes
Transformation and Evolution of the Earth Surface

Research Interests

Fluvial geomorphology
River engineering

Research Methodology

Flume experiments
Reduced-complexity numerical models

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