Gregory H Henry


Research Classification

Biodiversity and Biocomplexity
Ecological and Ecophysiological Processes
Climate Changes and Impacts
Environment and Habitats
Genotype and Phenotype

Research Interests

tundra ecosystems
experimental climate change
plant-animal interactions
Arctic environments
vegetation change
plant traits

Relevant Degree Programs


Research Methodology

Long-term experimental warming studies in tundra ecosystems using passive warming devices (open-top chambers (OTCs).
Syntheses of responses to experimental and observed climate change in the International Tundra Experiment (ITEX).


Master's students
Doctoral students
Postdoctoral Fellows
Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer

1. Synthesis of tundra plant community changes to nearly 30 years of experimental warming using plant traits. PhD or postdoctoral study to involve 2-3 years of fieldwork and working with long-term data sets from an experimental study established in the Canadian High Arctic in 1992.

2. Ecological relaxation response of tundra after 30 years of experimental warming. PhD or postdoctoral study of the removal of experimental warming conditions on tundra plants and soils.

3. Landsape phenology patterns in tundra systems in relation to biological and physical conditions. Combination of plot studies and remote sensing using UAV technology for high resolution (temporal and spatial) analysis of plant phenology across a high Arctic landscape.

4. Phenology, growth and reproductive responses of southern populations in warmed high Arctic conditions: a common garden study. A PhD or MSc project involving the continuation of a common garden experiment established in 2011 with local and southern populations of two common forb species. The studies would involve using the Arctic Tundra controlled environment chamber at UBC.

5. Dendroecological studies using Arctic shrub species. Examination of the growth (and reproduction) patterns in up to four shrub species in response to: a) experimental climate change; b) landscape position, snow conditions and climate. The dendrochronological data can be used to reconstruct climate conditions over the past century.

I support public scholarship, e.g. through the Public Scholars Initiative, and am available to supervise students and Postdocs interested in collaborating with external partners as part of their research.
I support experiential learning experiences, such as internships and work placements, for my graduate students and Postdocs.
I am open to hosting Visiting International Research Students (non-degree, up to 12 months).
I am interested in hiring Co-op students for research placements.

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