Document the Relationship

Research conditions for everyone involved in a research team or project should be outlined in a letter from the principal investigator before team members become engaged. The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies sends notice of this requirement to each student accepted for graduate studies, as well as their supervisors, at the time of admission.

These notices and a copy of the letter from the supervisor to the graduate student detailing the terms above are kept in the student’s file. If you have not received a letter outlining your research relationship, please contact:

  • your supervisor
  • your graduate advisory or secretary
  • your department head
  • your Dean
  • the Graduate Student Society President or Director of Student Affairs

“From the Graduate Student Society’s perspective, we feel that establishing a clear understanding of the working relationship between a graduate student and his/her supervisor is critical.” — Annick Gauthier, President, Graduate Student Society.