Scholarly Integrity

You should discuss scholarly integrity and intellectual property issues with your supervisor as soon as you start working together so that there are no surprises later.

UBC has an overall policy on scholarly integrity, but many variations are allowed within this policy. One aspect of this policy is the following: "Research conditions for all involved in a research team should be outlined in a letter from the principal investigator before team members become engaged". Sample letters to colleagues, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students about such issues as compensation, supervision, authorship, records of data, ownership and/or use of data, publication rights, and commercialization, are available from Research Services. The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies sends notices about this requirement to all accepted for graduate studies and their supervisors at the time of admission. These notices and a copy of the letter from the supervisor to the graduate student detailing the terms above are filed in the student file in Graduate Studies.

Graduate Supervisor Comments: Scholarly Integrity and Publications

  • "Students are always the lead authors on the work for which they have gathered and analyzed the data and done a reasonable literature search."
  • "Usually there is an agreement about publication strategy up front. Usually, if the student has written the paper then their name is placed as the first author."
  • "Have an agreement up front as to who is responsible for what and whose name will be on the paper(s). I also explain why I may need to be a co-author."