Terms of Reference of Program Review Committee

The Program Review Committee will consider the following when reviewing the graduate program:

  1. The Committee will assess the health and vitality of the program. What are its strengths and weaknesses?
  2. Is the program fulfilling an important mandate? Are its objectives appropriate ones? Should the focus be narrowed or broadened?
  3. Are the admission criteria and procedures adequate to assure that the entering students have the appropriate backgrounds and quality?
  4. Is the quality of the courses assured?
  5. Is the quality of graduate student supervision adequate to assure an excellent program?
  6. Is the monitoring of academic standards and evaluation of students adequate?
  7. Are students taking too long to complete the program? If so, how could this be rectified? Is the attrition rate too high? If so, why?
  8. Does the program provide sufficient intellectual challenge and learning or training that it justifies the degree? Is there adequate breadth and depth?
  9. Is the quality of the faculty adequate to provide intellectual leadership and challenge?
  10. Do procedures exist which foster good governance of the program?
  11. Are the facilities, space and other resources adequate to support the program?
  12. Provide recommendations and other comments as appropriate.