Students Transferring to UBC With Faculty Members

These procedures and guidelines apply to the situation in which a graduate student registered at another university, who is supervised by a faculty member newly hired at UBC, transfers to UBC with the new faculty member to complete a UBC degree. The student must apply for admission in the usual way by submitting the application form, application fee, transcripts, letters of reference and any other supporting documentation required by the graduate program.

Fees will be assessed as if the years spent by the student at the previous University were paid at UBC for that period. The maximum time to complete the program will be calculated on the same basis.

Eligibility for awards will be as if the years spent by the student at the previous University were spent at UBC. UBC awards to student can only begin once the student is registered and will be pro-rated from the date of entry.

Students transferring with Faculty from other universities may be able to transfer more than 12 credits towards their UBC degree, with the support of the graduate program as well as permission from the Dean of Graduate Studies.

Students who wish to graduate from their original university may spend up to a year at UBC as a Visiting Graduate Student. Required course credits completed while a visiting student may not subsequently be credited toward completion of a degree at the University of British Columbia.

For details, see Policies and Procedures section of our website.