Tracking Graduate Student Progress

UBC policy states that the progress of all master's and doctoral students in the Faculty must be reviewed regularly and at least once each year in June by the home graduate program and the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (UBC Vancouver Calendar - Academic Progress)

Regular assessment of student progress can help students by identifying problems such as inadequate support or supervision, disenchantment with their project or some other aspect of their program or personal issues that are interfering with their ability to work. In addition, timely completion is consistently used as an indicator of graduate program quality, and a culture of timeliness allows programs to be productive and efficient with resources.

A wide variety of progress-tracking systems are successfully used in various programs. They fall into five broad categories:

  • annual meeting of student with Graduate Advisor/Director
  • annual progress report by student
  • annual progress report by supervisor
  • annual progress reports by both student and supervisor
  • tracking student supervisory committee meetings

We encourage programs to develop the system that best suits their needs.