Personal and Professional Effectiveness

While acquiring in-depth knowledge and abilities through your academic program should be the key goals of your graduate education, it is becoming increasingly important for you to develop the "soft skills" that improve your professional and personal effectiveness as well.

Graduate students who are planning to pursue a research academic career need a wide range of skills in order to succeed in the increasingly complex academic world.  The majority of graduate students in most disciplines, however, will find themselves working for government, the private sector, not-for-profit organizations, or in non-tenured post-secondary institutional positions. Personal and professional strengths will have a direct impact on your ability to achieve your goals and to contribute meaningfully to society, both in graduate school and after graduation.

Canada needs a workforce which is both highly educated, and skilled to compete in the knowledge economy...In addition to strong technical proficiency, graduates need to be adaptable, flexible and to develop a broad skill set (e.g. communications, project and intellectual property management, entrepreneurship).
P. Bilodeau, NSERC, 2007

Our Graduate Pathways to Success Program helps you to build on your existing strengths and develop new ones. In addition, here are some guides to help you with: