When to Seek Permission

Students should seek permission when their thesis contains any one of the following:

  • Quotations from a single source that exceed the "fair dealing" use allowed by the Canadian Copyright Act
  • Tables, figures, and all forms of images including photos, maps, graphs, drawings, logos etc. that have been obtained from a copyrighted source, including websites, newspapers, journals, books, brochures, professors' lecture notes, etc. Since in most cases you will be using the whole of the copyrighted work (e.g. a photograph, diagram, logo etc.) you should be particularly careful to obtain permission. Remember that just because something is available on the web that does not mean you have permission to reproduce it.
  • Articles or parts of articles written by the thesis author which have been previously published in a journal to which the author has assigned copyright
  • Material co-authored with others who share copyright
  • Scripts and recordings of any performance
  • Translations of copyrighted work

Important: If your use of copyrighted material is not described above, that does not necessarily mean that you do not need permission.