Proof of Permission

If you are not certain that your use of copyrighted material is covered under "fair dealing", you must obtain written permission from copyright holders in order to use their work in your thesis. In most cases, this is willingly given; however, obtaining letters or completed forms may take a long time. Send out your requests for permission as early as possible.

Note: Your thesis must be as complete as possible. Removal of material is only acceptable if you are not able to obtain permission after you have made reasonable attempts to do so, or if a fee will be charged for use of the material.

The copyright holder must specifically agree to the terms of the UBC Thesis Licence and the Library and Archives Canada Theses Non-Exclusive Licence.

Best protection

For your best protection against accusations of copyright violation, you should request either:

Original signatures are required in both cases.

Permission by email

Email permission may not give you the same level of protection against accusations of copyright violation.

Permission from a website

Many journal websites include statements of permission for author's material to be used in a thesis. In such cases, you should make a copy of the agreement or print out the web page and keep the printout for your records.

Keeping proofs of permission

You should keep copies of all letters and forms granting you permission to use copyrighted material. Please do not include permissions in your thesis.